Saturday, November 8, 2014

Sarah's log. Day 12

After picking Maddie up from school a little early, locking their keys in the car, and being rescued by a slim-Jim wielding  Russian mob boss named Yuri. Conner and Brittany brought Maddie down to see Sarah. Afterwards, the three of them headed back to the house, ate supper together and were all hanging out, keeping each other company until I got home. 

Talking to the kids went better than I had hoped. Even though there wasn't really anything positive to share, the kids took it for what it was, and were understanding, hopeful and communicative. 

0600 this morning Maddie and I rolled into Sarahs room to find her comfortably(?)  curled up and snoring. 
Her lab work from last night showed her calcium at 11.7 
Down from a high of 14.2
*Nominal is 9-10
While Madison kept out a vigilant watch
I made sure she didn't get cold, or lonely. 
Sarahs morning blood draws showed another improvement in her calcium levels. 
She was now at a 10.5
Only .3 above "normal range" ­čśä
Though not as drastic, her Kidney function has also improved. 
The best news of all, is that the CT scans came back clear. 
The CT images could have been better if her kidneys would tolerate the contrast they wanted her to drink, however the doc said everything looked real good. 
And at this point, the cancer risk looks like it is behind us. 

So, what's going on?
That's the big question!
Obviously she had a dangerous buildup of calcium in her blood, and thankfully, that risk is being abated through hydration and medicines. 

However, the root cause is still a mystery. 
As we speak, she is in radiology for an ultrasound, as well as a bone scan. 

She is expected to remain hospitalized for at least several more days. 
Currently, she is not feeling well enough for visitors. 


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