Monday, November 10, 2014

Sarah's log. Day14

Last nights gall bladder surgery went well. She came back from he PACU feeling like a million bucks. 
By this morning however after the anesthesia had worn off, still without an appetite, and with added heartburn and abdominal pain. She was back to feeling somewhere around $1.09. 
Tomorrow's schedule calls for a consult with the G.I team, and possible throatscope to get to the bottom of the nausea and heartburn. 
Her labs are looking good and improving daily. 
Still some unanswered questions. 
But immediate dangers seem to have abated. 

Sarah got Conner with the ol' you can sit here if you like. "OH.... Ouch, not there" joke. 

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Donella Audrey said...

Glad surgery went well hope you all get more answers tomorrow. lol I love she still has her sense of humor through this all!! Love ya sarah bean and fam thinking of ya guys!