Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sarah's log. Day 13

It's 8:30 PM Sunday night, I'm in  the parking lot of the hospital. Sarah should be out of the post anesthesia care unit now and hopefully tucked into her new room. Sarah just underwent laparoscopic gallbladder removal surgery that was performed based on the ultrasound that was performed yesterday showing that her gall bladder was swollen and unhappy. 
I can't find her wedding ring.
She's had wonderful doctors, all three of them are hospitalists. All three, calm, sensible, understanding, and thorough. 
We're both impressed. 

It's 8:45 and I just realized I started this's blog, and friends and family who are concerned may be relying on it. 
Ita been a busy day. Sorry

And a great day. 
Her doctors have eluded to the idea that this situation. The whole thing, might, just maybe stem from two factors. 
1) dehydration
2) defective gall bladder (how do you verbalized that?) hm?
I mean, water pumps are easy. 
Noisy, or leaky. 

Someone email me that. 
I don't have time to google it. 

Back to the sitch. 
You live a busy life. You don't drink enough water. 
You're constantly dehydrated. You get nauseous from a warped gall bladder. 
You stop eating and drinking. 
You start vomiting. 
You get more nauseous. 

The term kidney failure is a motherfucker. 

What does that mean?
Better yet, what WILL that mean?

Anyway, bone scan was clear
CT scan was clear
Ultrasound shows gall bladder
We're hopeful. 
I'm hopeful I'll find her ring, it was literally in my possession 90 minutes. 

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