Friday, November 21, 2014

Sarah's log. Day 25

OHSU beginning of Day 2 here. 
Just saw the Endocrinologist, and an internist. 
The internist has her charts and is researching ALL of her history (from the time we moved to oregon anyway), taking notes from past and present and compiling it for easy translation between the specialties.

Everyone has praised Salem hospital for an EXTENSIVE workup.

They're asking tons of questions, re-ordering many of the labs and imaging, looking for errors or discrepancies. 

When asked point blank. 
"Any ideas?" 
The internist and endocrinologist fellow, both shook their heads. 
"No, unfortunately not, this is an interesting case, and no one wants to be the interesting case"

Fortunately though, through fluids and medications we can manage it here until we figure it out. 

It's noon. And we're still in the Emergency room. That's a full 24 hours now for Sarah. 

(Mom, Dad, Bonny, Mike)
Is there any family history, of anything?

(Sarah's Co-Workers)
Has sarah had any contact, with anyone?

Message me directly at 503-449-2840

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