Monday, November 24, 2014

Sarahs log. Day 28

Sarah underwent another CT scan last night. This time, (her kidney function restored to near new condition) Sarah was able to tolerate both an IV contrast as well as oral. Specifically the doctors were looking at her lymph nodes (to rule out cancers, and her GI tract to ensure its proper functionality), but were also anxious to get the clear images that they needed to rule out/double check the tests that Salem hospital had performed.
Once again. Her Scans show nothing abnormal. 
It would appear that Sarah is the by far the healthiest, sick person I know.

Sarah was given a medication last night  called Alendronate. 
It is a drug commonly used in Osteoporosis patients to slow bone loss, but not inhibit bone creation. 

Today, they'll be slowing her IV fluids and checking her blood frequently to verify that the drug is working with her body to regulate her levels properly. 

One of the research doctors found some cases of the auto-immune disease lupus presenting itself in this same hypercalcemic, anemic fashion
When they checked her labwork they found that Salem hospital had not run that test. 
So, while there's still more questions than answers. 
At least there's something......
Docs say, that if the test comes back positive and her calcium self corrects with the meds. She'll be home Wednesday. 
Fingers crossed. 
She has been moved to room 15
Floor K9 and may move again, to be closer to her team. 

Cell service sucks
Imessage or email is best.
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