Friday, November 7, 2014

Sarahs log. Days 1-11

Sarah told me she wasn't feeling well the night of Monday October 27th. She was nauseous and achy and complained of a headache that had been persisting for several days prior. 
Friday, October 31st she visited her primary doctor. 
Monday November 3rd she visited her doctor again. This time, an ultrasound was ordered for Thursday Nov. 6th to rule out a gall bladder problem. 
As things worked out, we didn't make it to the 3pm ultrasound appointment. 
Instead, we went to the Emergency Room at Silverton Hospital. 

Badly dehydrated, and with high levels of calcium and creatinine in her blood, Sarah was admitted and spent the night in the Intensive care unit to receive IV fluids, to monitor her cardiovascular system, and for testing to rule out a parathyroid gland problem.

Friday morning, the parathyroid test results were back, and were not favorable. Sarahs hormone levels showed that her para thyroid was not the source of the dangerous buildup of calcium in her blood and now the doctors were looking for an alternative cause of the wonky lab work and the oncology dept at Salem hospital was where we were headed.

After transferring to Salem hospital, Sarah's new doctor, a hospitalist (who's name escapes me at the moment) ordered a CT scan of her chest and belly looking for the known malignancies that can lead to this high calcium situation. 

The CT scan was performed Friday evening and we expect results early Saturday. 

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